Friday, September 30, 2011


Overall, this week was incredibly exhausting. There certainly were some amazing parts, but even those can be just as exhausting as the rough parts.

One thing that is a big source of stress around these parts is wondering if the Waldorf program we have Iris in is a good fit for her (and our family), as well as worrying if we are a good fit for the rest of the program. Iris had a really difficult day on Tuesday. So difficult, in fact, that I got a call to come and get her because her behavior was so out of hand and the teacher couldn't handle it. I have to say that I find it sort of interesting that in all of Iris's schooling, this is the first time I was ever asked to take her home because of her behavior. Long story short, that tells me two things: one, that something about the program is making Iris act so out of control (above and beyond her usual level of acting out) and two, that this program might not be one that can deal with Iris.

Not only is it extremely clear that Iris is going to be the "problem child" in the class, but our family's lack of being Waldorf-minded might quickly become an issue, as well. But we'll see, we haven't flown the coop yet, though it feels very much that our days might be numbered.

On the other hand, we've had a pretty good week of learning together at home, though we did less this week than we usually do because of other things going on. Iris started using a math website called DreamBox and she is really loving it!

Moving along . . .

Iris and I ended up volunteering two afternoons in Eloise's class this week. I was concerned that there were not volunteers on the schedule for Friday so I asked the teacher if she wanted us to come back in, which she agreed would be helpful. In just the small amount of time that we have been in the class many of the other children are really taking to me, which I think is pretty groovy. The one boy I was the buddy for on Monday gave me a big hug when he saw me again on Thursday, which was so sweet. Eloise's teacher is so full of joy and so grateful for all of the support she gets, she gave me a big hug today too. It was like a giant love-fest over there!

Being so intertwined with the flow of the day in the kindergarten room made me well aware of how difficult the large class sizes are in public school. I thought Eloise's class had 25 kids, but they got two new ones this week, so I am not sure if they replaced kids or are added to the bunch. At any rate, it's a lot of kids. The whole thing is set up so differently from the days Iris used to have in the small multi-age private school classroom she was in for K and 1st! Eloise does seem to really be thriving, though. Whew! She is so involved, so excited, so creative, so ready to listen and learn. Yes, she has her moments and issues like every other kid, but she is just doing so wonderfully in the class overall.

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  1. I initially thought Waldorf sounded really cool - very nature oriented. But ironically, it ended up being too strict for our family. We definitely couldn't do the no tv no computer stuff! In regards to the other post with the strict Chinese teacher, we also liked the idea of the French American School on Mercer Island but I guess the French are super strict too.


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