Monday, October 3, 2011

Another Volunteer Day

Iris and I had our third day of volunteering in the classroom today. I have to say, so far I have been incredibly impressed with Iris over the many hours we've helped out so far (three hours each day over three days). She is helpful, quiet, polite, and listens to direction well. Hmmmm . . . maybe public school IS the right place for her?!?!

Along that thought, I decided to send the principal of Eloise's school an email today asking about how to get Iris in to their school eventually. Since it isn't our reference school, Iris isn't guaranteed a spot there. I also asked about the services they have set up for kids who need extra support. Looking forward to hearing back from them.

And along other, similar lines, I still haven't heard back from CVA regarding our online public schooling! I sent in my forms last Tuesday. Grrr.

Anyways, it was another great day in the Kindergarten room. We started our afternoon with Chinese. Apparently the Chinese teacher has really taken to Eloise. The teacher was so impressed with her and asked me if we practiced Chinese at home. I hope the confusion in my face was lost in translation on the teacher. I replied that we didn't practice Chinese, and the teacher said she would send some stuff home for Eloise to work on.

In Chinese class and through the rest of the day I continued to notice something about the kids that I have been observing for a few days: those kids who are shy, or not "getting it" or whatever, are kind of getting lost in the shuffle. I was buddies with an extremely shy girl today (loving that she has taken to me so well!) and she sits in the back and doesn't participate, barely even raises her head. I had to wonder how much she was getting out of the lessons such as Chinese. The girl didn't speak, didn't do the hand signals, didn't move at all. The teacher never noticed.

I have to say that I am so grateful that I have a kid like Eloise who will always be right up there in front when she can. Who will participate and answer/ask questions and never sink in to the back of the group. I feel like her personality will get her very, very far in life. It is a little heart breaking to watch the kids who aren't ready to jump in head first kind of get left behind on some things. It just re-confirms how happy I am to be able to help out in class and be the buddy for kids who need one.

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