Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Field Trips, Times Two!

Today Eloise had a short day of school (I love early release days!) so we decided to schedule our field trip for this afternoon so that we could include her.

First stop was checking out the demolition of a highway in Seattle, Hwy 99, aka the Alaskan Way Viaduct.

Right under the stop lights you can see two layers of a bridge. The viaduct had one level heading north (the top level) and the bottom level headed south. Apparently it was at risk of coming down with an earthquake, so they decided to tear it down pro-actively.

The cranes on the ground had jaws at the end that just ripped off chunks of concrete. It was pretty cool.

The cranes on the top of the highway acted like gigantic jackhammers. The amount of rebar in the concrete was amazing!

Workers stood on the ground shooting firehouses at the debris. I assumed it was to help keep the dust down? Not really sure, though.

It was like a movie, I swear we could have stood there an watched all afternoon! We are hoping to go back on Friday and see how much further they get.

After the demo action we headed south to The Museum of Flight. I had never been there before and while it was fun to expose the girls to all of the displays, it was frustrating to move through the museum at their speed and not get to read pretty much anything we passed.

Iris took this shot of one open part of the museum.

Iris in a cockpit of some plane that I failed to make a note of.

Eloise in that same plane.

Iris on a hang gliding simulator.

Eloise on the same simulator.

A headless me in the USAir jet. See?! I do exist! At least from the neck down.

This whole series is hilarious (or maybe you had to be there?) Eloise was having a really intense conversation with some imaginary person on the other end of the phone. Here's what I imagined her saying:

"You did WHAT?!"

"Do you even hear me?!?!"

"Heads are gonna roll!"

"I am dealing with idiots."

Iris as an astronaut.

Hello from outer space!

Running to take a tour of the Air Force One.

I asked the girls to wave to their adoring citizens upon arrival.

What happens when I ask Iris to pose.

What happens when I ask Eloise to pose.

This was inside Air Force One, on our second tour of the plane. It was from the 50's (I think) and the old computers were hysterical. Hanging next to the phones is an old school pencil sharpener.

Every time I see THAT many buttons on something I have to think, "Really?! How in the world could that many buttons actually be utilized?!" I imagine the person who sat here just clicked on buttons to look important. On the other side of the plane opposite this is a safe that, when in flight with the President, held an "attache case" with the codes for the President to set off nuclear missiles. For realz.

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