Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Last week Iris and I learned about syllables. We also referred to them as beats and counted out the syllables of many words until we got the hang of it.

Today we decided to write haikus, based on our recent lesson on syllables. I shouldn't be so surprised, but Iris picked up on it extremely quickly. We wrote our first haiku together about Iris's hamster, Cheddar and talked about how lines of a haiku have 5, then 7, then 5 syllables. We talked about how to be aware of the flow of an entire sentence of words and not just each word on its own.

Iris decided to write her Haiku about turtles. She first started by drawing some pictures to gain inspiration from and then moved on to her poem. Her first line was the easiest (isn't it always?) but then she needed to write out the second line and say it over in her head a few times before it stuck. Her last line was the most interesting, I thought. She first thought the word "Hawaii" had two beats, but then realizing it had three she had to figure out another way to work that line. Iris quickly decided to change Hawaii to Maui and voila! five syllables in the last line.

Her haiku reads (I corrected any spelling mistakes):

Turtles like water
They breathe and hold their breath, too
Maui is their home

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