Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Moving Forward

Whew! I finally got to connect with our CVA teacher today, which was a good feeling since I enrolled just over a month ago. He talked through some curriculum ideas with me and I decided on using a pre-packaged curriculum for everything but math, which will be something different. It feels SO good to have that decision made.

All I have left to do, in the near future hopefully, is figure out all of the "extras". Like what kinds of arts or physical education classes she can take or what sorts of things I need to support our schooling outside of curriculum.

I am also really hoping that since Iris is now technically a public school student, who is schooled at home (kind of lends a whole 'nother layer to the point of this blog, huh?) she most likely has some services available to her-- like getting testing to see if she has any sort of learning disabilities we need to be aware of. As I watched her today some things started to click for me about what may be going on with her. I won't say exactly what, because I am nervous about throwing labels around quite yet, but I have a gut feeling that I might be on to something. So, either through the public school system or through private testing, we will figure it out. And hopefully soon.

I have been getting/reading advice on keeping our schooling time short and to the point and right now that is working okay. It sort of has to since I have so many other things these days to accomplish during the day and Iris won't sit and do school work without me overseeing it. However we are usually only hitting on the main subjects-- math and language arts-- every day. Being a natural artist/reader Iris is doing those things on her own.

Tomorrow we go on another field trip! I wonder what kinds of fun excursions I will come up with once we sweep through everything we have a membership to?

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