Saturday, November 19, 2011

Lessons From a Kindergarten Teacher

There is so much our family can learn from Eloise's kindergarten teacher, but here are two of my recent favorites:

"Oh, well." and "Don't yuck my yum!"

Let me further explain. At school the kids are learning that, sometimes, the best thing to do when a situation isn't going their way is to say "oh, well." Obviously, this isn't always the best thing, but a lot of the time it can be. Like if a kid takes the crayon you had your eye on? "oh, well." If someone cuts in front of you in line? "oh, well."

Luckily for us, "oh, well." has transferred over in to family life. For example, last night at dinner Iris said she didn't like the "chicken" I made in the stir-fry (it was actually seitan, but I didn't tell anyone, figuring that pointing it out would make them less likely to eat it). Then Iris quickly followed her proclamation with "oh, well." Matt and I pointed out that we have say "oh, well." a lot in our own lives, too. It's not just kids who don't get their way (and man, I would venture to say, being an adult means I get my way less than I ever did as a kid!)

My favorite, though, is "don't yuck my yum!" or "don't yuck someone else's yum!" which means, don't be a downer about something I like. You can apply this to different situations, like (using the dinner reference again) if Iris started complaining about the dinner I made, I would say "don't yuck my yum!" and she would know that means to keep her complaints about something I made or like to herself. Or if Iris is really excited about an idea that Eloise isn't so excited about, I could say "don't yuck her yum!" and Eloise would know to keep quiet.

We talk a lot about how we can think things in our head, but that sometimes those thoughts shouldn't come out of our mouths. Hate the dinner I made? Well, go ahead and complain all you want in your head, but I don't want to hear about it! It's far from being perfectly executed, but to me, it's a decent message. Think what you want and censor your mouth.

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