Tuesday, November 8, 2011

New Math Curriculum

Since we recently enrolled in CVA I was excited to have the opportunity to try out some new curriculum for Iris. I hemmed and hawwed and lost sleep over my decisions, but eventually just had to pick something-- and the math curriculum came today! Oh, my. It came in a scary gigantic box. Like, maybe I could ship my five year old somewhere in it (and don't think I haven't thought about it already . . . )

The math curriculum I chose was RightStart Mathematics Level B.

Image courtesy of RightStart Mathematics.

The cool thing about RightStart Mathematics is that it comes with a mind-boggling amount of manipulatives. I can't speak to all children, but I can speak to mine: teaching Iris math without anything to mess with while she is doing it is really quite difficult. For instance, today we were going through her (now previous) math book and learning about analog clocks. It was basically impossible to figure out how a clock works without having an actual clock in her hands to mess with.

One of the things that has been tricky for me is just jumping in to being Iris's teacher after having her in elementary school for two years. Now, I have to say, I LOVED her previous school, and didn't want to have trade it for homeschooling (until I felt like I had to get Iris out of ANY school setting), but it does now present the challenge for me of teaching a child and not really knowing where she is at. I am figuring it out, though, and she is just going to have to be okay with lots of repetition sometimes and jumping in to things she isn't really familiar with at others.

I look forward to writing some reviews of the RightStart Mathematics curriculum to share with everyone after we've done some work with it!

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