Friday, March 2, 2012

Seattle Beaches, by Iris

A while back a homeschooling friend of mine from Michigan suggested a fun project for Iris: her kids were learning about tides and since Lake Michigan doesn't have tides, she asked if Iris would put something together to talk about her experiences with them. We love the tides here in Seattle. Discovering creatures like jellyfish, starfish and crabs along with various shells on the beach is always amazing. Our beaches may not be good for swimming or sunning, but they couldn't be better for exploring!

It sounded like the perfect project for Iris and I jumped on it right away . . . err, I mean, theoretically I did. In actuality it took, well, an extremely long time for me to put something together. I wanted to take Iris to the beaches in our neighborhood (we live in a peninsula in Seattle) and get photos and video of low tide, but over the past many weeks all of the lowest tides have been occurring in the middle of the night. I then realized we had tons of pictures already of our experiences with low tides and just printed some off and set Iris to work. I made suggestions about content to Iris but ultimately she did about 80% of this project. I helped glue and I bound the book, checked spelling, and tried to keep her on task.

I am super proud of what she ended up with! Here it is, page for page (you should be able to click on the pictures to view them larger):

 Cover! On the inside is a map of our neighborhood 
(I didn't take a picture of that, 
since it marked our house on it).

This is how I bound the book. I punched holes in each page and then threaded a 
rubberband through the holes from behind, looping each end of a chopstick. 


  1. What a cool project! I LOVE your photos and Iris' drawings.

  2. So cool! I love the thought she put into it. We'll have to do something like that once we're at the right age.

  3. Very cool project...I love it. Good job, Iris!!


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