Wednesday, April 18, 2012

MAP Testing

Last week Iris took the MAP test for the first time. MAP stands for Measurement of Academic Progress and it is a widely administered standardized test given to students. I know the Seattle Public School district uses this particular test. I *think* they do it twice a year, but don't know for sure.

The reason Iris had to take this test was that the virtual public school, CVA, that Iris is enrolled in requires each child to take some standardized test. I chose MAP since that is what she will be doing when she is a public school student.

Iris took the test from home and we had to specially set up our computer to be able to take the test. At a pre-aranged time we logged on and the proctor set it all up and Iris worked at her own pace. We were given an hour and I think Iris each test in about 20 minutes, which is true to fashion for her. The first day she did math, the second day she did reading. Taking the test at home has some pros and cons, the first day was nice and quiet and she worked at the kitchen table. The next day I had two people at our house doing fix-it jobs and I was running around like a lunatic trying to get ready for a trip I was going on. Not the ideal working conditions!

When I got the results I was actually surprised that they were completely in line with the results of Iris's intelligence testing. When they do the intelligence testing a lot of it is kind of abstract, so I didn't know how it would translate to a test of actual questions about information Iris had learned. THAT kind of testing is more about what I had taught her and what amount of information she had retained! Alas, the scores completely made sense, so I was relieved. I am also relieved knowing that Iris is at or above what she is supposed to know for her grade level, phew! I haven't ruined her this year! Ha ha.

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