Tuesday, June 5, 2012

It Takes a Community

Our eclectic schooling year is drawing to a close. I have so many thoughts to share on the matter and will be spilling those out over several posts over the next few days/weeks.

Have we met our home school goal for the year? 100% YES! The goal was to give Iris a year off to re-group and be ready to head back to school for third grade. She is ready. Yesterday she declared that "private and public school is both better than home school". Of course, her exact reasoning yesterday was because then other kids would be there to answer the questions I ask, not just her. Ha! But honestly, in all ways, she is ready. She has grown so much this year, socially and emotionally.

I would probably be more sad about leaving home school behind, but honestly? It wasn't all it was cracked up to be and I am ready to be done. I do love almost all aspects of it, but I never found that elusive "community" in the home schooling world. I feel like dealing with the awful mess of being booted from the homeschooling group back in the Fall really shattered my spirit and eliminated any hopes I had of having people in the home school world really becoming our community. Our personal experience from participating in the handful of local home school events is just that people weren't necessarily that open or welcoming. I have enjoyed pretty much every part of schooling Iris, but I have felt like we existed in a bubble this year, and that just isn't that fun.

We did find a community this year, however, in the form of Eloise's public school. Just yesterday Iris and I participated in a fundraiser run at the school and it was really amazing to be a part of the community coming together and supporting each other. I especially love that Iris has been embraced as part of the school even though she isn't a student there (yet!). It has been difficult for me to find time to give to the school in ways that I would like to be able to and if/when Iris becomes a student there next year, I hope to have time to volunteer a lot more. I have to say, if Iris is forced to go to a different public school next year, it's going to be really, really hard to have to split my attention. It is amazing how much time and, well, money, we give to Eloise's school and to think I would have to do that times two is a little overwhelming. But, hey! Two communities is good! If the families and teachers at the new school are even half as awesome as the ones at the current school, we'll be doing just fine.

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